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A Visitor can only enter the Estate by using the Clickon System to dial the stand number of the resident to be visited, who will open the gate for him. Remember to obtain the exit code from the resident to be visited before you leave the Estate.

Visitors Rules:

The speed limit inside the Estate is 40 kmh. Kindly drive directly to the house being visited. The security guards have a difficult job to perform. They may not be abused under any circumstances.

Contractors / Casuals:

Contractors/casuals may only enter the Estate if they are in possession of a valid access card or they have followed the contractor’s procedure of announcement or pre clearance announcement. All contractors must be in possession of a valid ID, drivers licence or passport with a work permit. Such persons may not be transported in by a resident in order to bypass the system, attempting to do so shall result in a


Estate Agents:

All estate agents must be registered at the estate office and have authorisation from a resident to show their house. Only one “for sale sign” is permitted per house. An open hour must be pre-arranged and only one open hour is permitted at a time and only on a Tuesday.